Film Review: Looper (2012)

My rating: ★★★★½

First of all, let me take a moment to praise outstanding work done by the director and writer of this movie, Rian Johnson. I have watched a lot of science-fiction films that incorporate the elements of time travel and in the beginning, this movie seems like any other typical science-fiction film but it has a lot of surprises and the amount of creativity and genuinity that has been put in the making of this film is excellent.

Looper is a remarkable and beautiful film, with astounding performances by Joseph Gordon-Levitt (Young Joe Simmons), Bruce Willis (Old Joe Simmons), Emily Blunt (Sara Rollins) and Pierce Gagnon (Sara’s kid, Cid).


A lot of science-fiction films get confused as reaching the conclusion and they lose all the charm they had in the beginning. This isn’t the case here. The screenplay is well-crafted and carried out properly that it doesn’t get boring or predictable. The cinematography is good, the production design is compelling and moreover, you can notice a lot of resemblance in between Gordon-Levitt and Willis.

Looper reminds me of two great films; Inception (2010) and 12 Monkeys (1995) mainly because of its mind-twisting and time travel elements. It doesn’t resemble any of the mentioned films in anyway, you can notice a little bit of similarity in between 12 Monkeys and Looper but that’s just in the beginning of the film. These are two different films dealing with different plots and different stories, the only thing in common is time travel.

Joseph Gordon-Levitt’s role in this film kind of reminds me of Christian Bale, I don’t know how but it does. His face and the way he speaks in the entire film, maybe. I must say he did a very good job by putting so much effort in this role and carrying it out amazingly. I hope to see more of him in the upcoming Hollywood generation. He has a lot of potential and he can do a lot better than he is doing today and maybe that will also win him an Academy Award. Anyway, sticking to this film, Looper maybe an opening door of opportunities for this man.

In short, Looper is one of the great films of 2012. It is creative, it has mystery, it has a great cast that do a superb job, it has outstanding direction, it has a well-written screenplay, it has a convincing plot and a clever conclusion. A must watch!